Ground Breaking Neurosurgeons


Philip Henkin, M.D.

Specialization: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Complex Spinal Reconstruction

Dr. Philip Henkin - neurosurgery in Brandon, FL


Dr. Philip Henkin has been practicing as a BE/Board-Certified Neurosurgeon in Florida for close to two decades. He is at the peak of his professional abilities in regard to clinical judgment, experience, and surgical ability. Dr. Henkin also has the perspective to ignore transient surgical fads and the good judgment to embrace legitimate technological innovations that consistently help patients.

Market Share Leader In Spine Surgery

Dr. Henkin is the market share leader in Hillsborough County in spine surgery based on inpatient admission statistics in Hillsborough County. Since most of his new patients are referred to the practice from his past surgical patients, this is a clear testimonial on the quality of his work and reflects the excellence in his patient results.

Exceptional Education

In 1985, Dr. Henkin graduated with a B.S. in chemical engineering from MIT, one of the world's preeminent universities. After working as an international engineering consultant for two years, he returned to school in 1987 and graduated from Ohio State University in 1991 with an M.D. degree. Dr. Henkin completed his post-graduate residency training at the world-renowned Duke University Medical Center between 1991-1998. He has maintained neurosurgical practice in Florida since graduating from Duke.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) Disciple

Dr. Henkin has practiced minimally invasive spine surgery since 2000, which is long before other so-called “spine institutes” first appeared or the founding of the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in 2006. Many physicians claim to have minimally invasive spine surgery credentials, but Dr. Henkin is one of only a small, select group that adheres to minimally invasive surgical principles for more than 95% of his surgeries. The benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery are well known, including shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, less infection risk, reduced scarring, smaller incisions, and better patient functional capacity.

Scope Of Practice

Dr. Henkin's practice includes the full spectrum of adult neurological surgery. He has performed over 300 craniotomies for excision of brain tumors. He has performed over 200 craniotomies for drainage of intracranial hemorrhages. He has treated hundreds of patients for cranial and spinal traumatic injuries. Before the dominance of aneurysm coiling, he had performed more than 100 craniotomies for aneurysm clipping. The surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia is also one of his interests.